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I like to dedicate this testimony as a huge token of thanks to Dr Moly Shaji. I am from India and recently migrated to New Zealand. I was suffering with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) while in India. I used to have delayed menstrual periods with severe lower abdomen and lumbar pains since puberty. My GPs prescribed me with just pain killers to relieve my monthly agonies. These sufferings continued even after my marriage. Because of PCOS, I was not able to conceive. My husband and I went through hard times both in terms of consulting many gynaecologists for four years and spending significant money to undergo many health tests and allopathic treatments (such as monthly hormonal injections, frequent scans and medications). I even underwent laparoscopy surgery but of no vial. Some physicians prescribed diabetes medicines which I am not suffering. I was told to have regular workout exercises as diabetes was considered to be sequel. As a result of such unnecessary treatments, I ended up in having low blood pressure. This made me to discontinue further treatments. Lastly I was suggested to consider IUI. The very thought of not able to get conceive naturally made to stigmatise myself. I started to suffer inferior whenever I encounter my relative or friends getting pregnant who are much younger and recently married. I used to cry in loneliness and started to feel depressed. At a time I became despondent and lost faith in prayers. In such a situation, I came to New Zealand ten months ago. My friend introduced Dr Shaji, who sympathised with and consoled me. I started her prescribed first course of homeopathic medicines a day after my last menstrual period. A month later, my menstrual flow did not appear and I thought it was the usual delay. Nevertheless, I continued taking my medicines. I got suspicious when the delay prolonged into next month. To our surprise, the pregnancy test showed positive. I like to thanks Dr Shaji for her treatment and inspiration words which rekindled faith and happiness. I also like to evident the miracle homeopathy had done in my life.

Nikhil K.

I was suffering from severe chronic sinusitis for many years and since last 2 years I had lost my sense of smell and taste. I went to GP and ENT specialist and was recommended to go through surgery which would cost around NZ$8000 with no guarantee of getting my smell and taste senses back. Then I found Dr.Molly's clinic and consulted her.After discussing my history,she was very confident that everything is going to be fine.Seeing her belief,I started to believe in myself again. I started taking her medicine and in 2 months time, I got my smell and taste back.Her medicines gave me excellent results with no side effects. Dr.Molly is very helpful and is very emphathetic.She has vast experience in homeopathy and has cure for all ailments. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is suffering from any health issues. Thank you very much Dr.Molly for giving my smell and taste back. God bless you and your family.

Kamal Mobin
Cell: 021-1438821

Dear Dr Shaji, I am pleased to appreciate that I have been getting treatment from your private clinic for past two years. I really got benefited from your treatment . I found you very good in your area of expertise.And will appreciate same kind of response in future. I haven't come across with such an experienced and efficient HomeoPathic doctor in my life. I highly recommend you to other patients living in New Zealand for their diseases treatments.

Deepthy Akarsh

I have been to Dr.Molly Shaji in the month of November for the treatment of cholesterol and weight loss. I had my first course of medicine which made amazing changes and I lost about 6 kgs in a month, but couldn't continue the medicine as I went abroad. But now I restarted the medicine and I am waiting for the results.


I had been having my back ache since 5 years and I got all the medical help that was available, some even a couple of times each. In doing so I spent thousands of dollars. None of the Doctors could say what the problem was, as there was nothing severely wrong with me. My Friend had unbelievable results with Dr Moly Shaji 8months ago on a different issue. So I decided to visit her. When I visited Dr Moly Shaji she looked at my history and said she will do her best. At first, it was really difficult for me to follow the routine medication she gave me but she was trying hard for me so I had to put in all my effort. I trusted her and took whatever course of medication she gave me. I started in November 2011, followed her suggested medication, without missing. I also seriously devoted to prayers at the same time as she suggested. I started noticing the difference in Dec 2011 & can see the improvement gradually. Dr Moly Shaji has been very supportive. She is always available to answer questions and responds promptly. She is very easy to talk to and makes you feel special rather than just a client. We are always going to be grateful to Dr Moly Shaji. As this is my first experience with Homeopathy medicine was not sure what to expect but I am totally convinced now. I will encourage anyone to seek Homeopathy medicine and with my experience I think there is no better Doctor in NZ than Dr Moly shaji.


Dr molly is a very good doctor,highly recommended.My child got excellent result after taking Dr molly's medince,from his all kind of child sickness.THANKS


this is more than just a testimony, this is a huge token of thanks. Listing my health problems, from the very persistent to the small 'now and then' discomforts, would end up in a long list. But thanks to Dr Molly, i can safely say that im nearing perfection in my health =D I was confident from the very first consultation. Her detailed case taking is sure to not miss a thing! I was suffering from gastro problems, endoscopy after endoscopy but the doctors could not find a reason for my persistent bloating, indigestion and pain. Just after a month of taking Dr Molly's medication I felt a huge difference. It has almost been 6 months now and Im glad that I haven't had the same problem again! I have kept it off! I was also suffering from very frequent cold flu etc. I would end up losing my voice every couple of months. My doctors put me on all sorts of nasal sprays but nothing helped. With the help of Dr Molly's meds, i haven't had the issue ever again. Couple of months ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS. With a heart filled with doubt and sadness I once again consulted Dr Molly, she promised me that I have nothing to worry about. My gynecologist suggested that I should go on the pill, but i wasn't too sure. Its been 4-5 months on the homeo meds and my periods are almost regular, hair growth minimized...cant wait to complete the course!!! I would highly recommend Homeopathy NZ to everyone. With her helpful approach, considerate etiquette, and her confidence in her medicine, Dr Molly has definitely been of great help and support.


I was suffering from severe attacks of hay fever for more than two months. I went to a GP for consultation and started on their treatment but despite more than a month's treatment,there was no change..i had great difficulty even for sleeping as my nose was completely blocked..that is when my wife suggested i seek homeo treatment...by the grace of God, it was a life saver.I started on homeopathy with Dr. Molly and in a week's time, my symptoms subsided a great deal..i got relief from sneezing,blocked nose, headache and earache...also, i used to snore in my sleep and my wife recently told that i don't snore anymore..Praise God. Dr Molly is a very kind and compassionate doctor who treat each person as a whole considering all their issues.Besides, she is also a great counselor and listener and gives lots of encouragement. I would strongly recommend Dr Molly to everyone and share my witness also. I also pray that God bless her with all success in all her future endeavors.thanks. Josben.


I had damaged L2L3 disc, tennis elbow and golfers elbow on both arms. I experienced remarkable improvement after getting treated by Dr.Molly shaji. I still take it as a miracle, cos my specialist had suggested surgery as the only solution.I never thought homeopathy can be so effective, that also with no side-effects. Dr.Molly is a blessing to human kind. God Bless her and family.


We had been trying to conceive for a long time and were on the verge of going for an IVF when we were introduced to Dr Molly .Three months into her treatment and and we are already pregnant . We do not have enough words to thank her !


I was suffering from piles and dandruff, DR Molly gave me medicine. It was effective and within two day i feel better, now no pain nothing.... she is best experienced doctor with 10 years long practice.... I highly recommended her....


Dr.Molly is a very good Homeo doctor and i felt a lot better after taking the medication from her for my asthma.i dont need to take the inhaler now and i can work and sleep better.she is a good listener and very polite and humble.i highly recommend her for all types of problems,specially hay fever and asthma.


All impossible problems are possible by God,I feel the same whenever I go to see Dr Molly. me and my family have got marvelous results for our incurable diseases from her treatment.I would definitely recommend her caring attitude and wonderful treatment,May God bless her in her future career.


I am very much indebted to your goodness which I experienced with your correct diagnosis. It was miraculous indeed to get rid of the pain which I experienced and further your faith in the Almighty. I can very clearly remember the pain with which I had come and how within a span of exactly 3 weeks not only the pain disappeared but also the Kidney stone which was 6mm in size eradicated by your homeopathic treatment and trust in God. I cannot repay back your Goodness but I can only pray and request God to help people like you and your good-self to succeed in your help extended to humanity.


Dr Molly is an awesome doctor, Helpful, polite, careing & considerate. very knowledgable & easy to communicate with.i got excellent result. Highly recommended.

Anu susan  

I used to suffer from atopic dermatitis for 7 years.I went to so many doctors, changed my medications frequently,but was of no avail.With this period of time,I started loosing my confidence and self esteem..till one day a friend of mine introduced me to Dr.molly who indeed introduced me to homeopathy.Even though I come from a place where homeopathy is of high regard,I personally was of the opinion that homeo takes ages to cure and is very slow. This time i chose to try it because,i had no other way.with a body full of oozing and scaly skin,and oedema on both legs,I chose to go on with homeopathy. Doctor encouraged me to take trhe mediactions and also told me to pray while takin them. For the first 2-3 days ,I had so much of scaling and my skin was responding very positively.My hope brightened and within a week,Both the swlloen legs returned to normal..and my skin was healing rapidly within one month. Something which I've never seen in the past with allopathy. Even now my skin is better than before and properly moisturised.I keep taking homeo now also because i need to get rid of those marks on my body and by the grace of God,all izz well!!!its been 2 months totally now since am on homeopathy,needless to say,I am back to life!!! a big heart of gratitude and thanks to God almighty who fills Dr.Molly with his wisdom to treat disease conditions!! I strongly recommend Dr.molly shaji to u!!!God bless!!

Renjith P.Das   (Henderson , Waitakere) - Skin disease

I have been living in New Zealand for the last 3 years. Heading into my first year in New Zealand I was affected by a rare disease named 'Hidradenitis suppurativa'. I started getting irritation,pus and bleeding in my armpit. I could not cope it any longer I got contact of a famous skin specialist in New Zealand. He did operate 3 times around my armpit. The operation passed and doctor said I have to be patient and it will be take long to cure . So I waited with patience but there was no change. That time my friend introduced me to the homeo doctor. I decided not go give up and I went to meet doctor. She explained about the acutal cause of this disease and she told that If you would continue the medicine with out any failure surely it will cure within 3 months. Gods blessing and Doctors encouragement I cured and back to the normal life.
Lali Mathachan - Asthma
My daughter is five years old.She had been suffering from asthma since her first birthday.It comes every month.She was used to inhaler and antibiotic.One day,I prayed to St Alphonsa for her.Fortunately,the next day I met Dr Molly Shaji .When I met her,my daughter was in acute stage.We started treatment around 4pm.Surprisingly,my daughter settled and went to bed before 8pm.After one course medicine my daughter is perfectly alright.I believed that homeopathy is very slow.Now, I think that homeopathy is fast and effective than any other treatment. Thankyou very much to St Alphonsa and Dr Molly Shaji
sunita Bhatt - cold & sneezing
My daughter was suffering from cold & sneezing from last 2 months . due to continouse sneezing & cold she was always cranky . Her condition in early morning was usually bad. I tried different medition on her but all were useless. But after ur treatment she is 90% improved just in 3 days.Only u told me that she has chest infection no one else even did not tell me even that she has got chest infection. Now she is a happy girl again just as she was before. I would just like to say many many thanks & congratulations to you because it is also a big achivement for you .
I am 33 years old mother.I had many major and minor problems when I met Dr Molly Shaji.I list some of them; I could not sleep well for last 12 years,anxiety,tension,anger,fear for exams( I could not do well in exams because of my stress),irregular menstruation,bitter taste in mouth etc.This the first time I tried homeopathy in my life.The result and cure was so quick and amazing.Now I feel much better than ever before.now I have sound sleep morethan 6 hours a day and even my persanality has been changed.Thankyou very much to Dr Molly.May God bless you.Sorry I do not want to publish my name due to some reasons.
Soumya Varghese - Hair loss and Premature greying
For the past few years, I have been suffering from hair loss and premature greying. Treatment from Dr Molly Shaji has brought in effective results within 3 weeks with substantial reduction of hair loss, change of the greying to a brownish tint from the root of the hair and now it has a healthier appearance. Over the year my health has improved; I look and feel more energetic. Thank you Dr Molly!!!
Lilly Sagin - Travel Sickness
Hi Doctor moly.this is lilly sagin from 95 collins road Hamilton.first of all i want to show my gratitude to you for the Homeo medication..as soon as i started taking the medications which you gave me on last sunday i feel a lot better.the first dose of medication helped me to travell without travel sickness which i was suffering for 10 years.i was suffering from hey fever and sinusitis for 6 years also.everyday i need to take pain relief for my headache and sneezing and i consulted a couple of GPs in hamilton for these problems. one time my GP gave me a dose hydrocortisone injection as a last step of treatment.since then i was taking regular medication and nasal drops to cure my problems.for about 5 years.but nothing was effective.i used to sneeze 20 times when i got up in the morning.i have to depend on pain medication each and everyday.but since i started taking your medication i stopped taking pain relief completely.now after finishing my night duty as a registered nurse i can sleep better and i dont have any headache which was bothering me about 6 years.now when i go to duty my friends told me i look better and happy and i feel that difference too..i am not sneezing at all in hospital.before i thought homeo medication will not act fast but now i have 100%belief in homeopathy.i am a different person now.i thank you so much for your homeopathy treatment.i am so happy to recommend you to other people.thank you again for the valuable time which you spend with me on the consultation day.i never opened my mind to other Doctors before like that.you got a special healing power and i appreciate it a lot.thank you so much.i want to convey my husband"s gratitude to you too.we will come and visit you soon.thank you.
PCOS - Skin disease
working as a RN in new zealand..i came from my native country about one and a half yrs back...i met with dr moly in september 2009 and today i would like to share my testimonial on a great relief i received from her treatment. i was diagnosed with PCOS ( polycystic ovarian syndrome) at the age of 17 yrs. i had menstrual abnormalities with very minimal flow. besides, i also had facial hair growth around my face region which was really a embarassing issue. i was a over weight person and had a over weight body frame.my ultra sound report showed that my ovaries had peripheral follices on them and the volume of my ovary was also more than the actual size..i was started on glyciphage tablet twice daily and i continued the treatment for 5 yrs...i was told that by taking glyciphage, it would never cure my under lying disorder but it would only help to reduce the fat and help to restore my menstrual flow...i continued my treatment with glyciphage..my facial hair growth continued at the same rate and i had to take laser treatment every month to keep up my appearance...i realised that my flow was good when i was on treatment but if there was any delay in taking the tablet, the flow was minimum...this continued for 8 yrs and i was a very depressed person because i knew the ultimate result was infertility and not able to conceive..

that is when i met with dr moly in sept..she explained to me regarding the nature of homeo medicines and the way it functions...since i came from a allopathic background, it was very hard for me to accept the same but i decided to try it since i was totally depressed with my disorder..i took my first course of medicine and within the first month itself i lost about 2kgs of weight...i started feeling better and my self esteem improved.

after just taking 3 courses of medicine, i got to feel many changes taking place...my periods started coming early and with a real good flow..i repeated my ultra sound and with god's grace, the doctor was not able to find a single follicle on my ovaries...or in his language, it was a perfectly normal ultra sound...i was honestly very happy and i informed moly dr the same on the same day...and another surprise, my facial hair stopped growing....

to everyone this might not be something of a very significant matter but i write this testimonial with great thanks and happiness...i was finally able to get relief from a disorder that was over ruling my life and created a sense of deep anxiety in me...also, i now trusted homeo medicine and the great cure it can work..i am now sure that i will be able to satisfy my greatest dream..to be a mother...

i am sending this testimonial out as a great sense of appreciation for moly dr, who supported me since the day i met her, encouraged me, took her precious time to talk through all my problems..she performed the great role of a elder sister in my life...i hope she endeavours all success in her life and in every decision she take...also, a word of encouragment to those out there with this disorder...it is a curable disorder...pls do talk to moly dr and i am sure u will find a great outcome in a very little time.. thank you so much for reading this...